Conversion Analysis

Conversions, however you define them for your site, are the litmus test of a site’s effectiveness.  iProfit Interactive can help you understand the most important factors underlying your engagements and conversion rates.


The key goal behind your analytics efforts is to increase conversions.  Knowing what to test, how to test, and how to measure are key to developing the right hypotheses. The firm has many years of software development expertise with user interfaces that enable it to find crucial areas for profitable improvements.

Analytics Tracking

In order  to determine how different screen real estate areas are performing, specialized tracking codes are added to your pages.  iProfit Interactive can architect a solution of tracking so that the performance of each component will become readily apparent.\

Social Media Analytics

Firms need to know how their social media efforts are impacting overall traffic and conversions.  iProfit Interactive can show you how to track and measure performance for each of the social media sites that you support.

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