Email Marketing


The firm has designed email marketing programs for companies ranging in size from 5 to over 5000 employees. Our services include:

Vendor Selection

Starting with an in-depth review of your email requirements, a comprehensive matrix is constructed to flesh out the top vendors that will enable you to carry out your online strategy.

Platform Migration

Migrating from one platform to the next or jump-starting a program from scratch requires the development of a thorough and in-depth process.  Having conducted numerous migrations for both large and small firms has provided the firm with the critical experience to know how to successfully build a new program from scratch.


A comprehensive evaluation is made of your email program.  The end result will be a blueprint that targets recipients when they will be most likely to engage and respond.


iProfit Interactive can handle all aspects of your email program from daily/weekly sends to migrating to a new ESP platform.  In addition, the firm can set up and deploy advanced technologies such as dynamic content and triggered emails.


A hallmark of increasing conversions involves knowing what to test.  All aspects of your email marketing campaign are considered to find the key factors that influence both engagements and conversions.


Creating customized reports for your business is essential to chart your progress and identify areas  to be targeted.  A comprehensive series of snapshot and trending reports will be created to reveal key issues and opportunities for optimization.

For an open-ended discussion of your email marketing program, feel free to contact iProfit Interactive.