Email Marketing

  • Messaging - the art of weaving the fabric of your story that inspires your audience to action.
  • Strategy - the practice of leveraging what is known to build for the future in the face of the unknown.
  • Implementation - the development of rigorous processes combined with discipline in execution.
  • Optimization - the science of intuiting which variables to test and the communications skills to deliver a clear and concise message that is readily understood.

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Site Development

  • Site Creation - developing a site that showcases your business with the professionalism and features of a successful enterprise.
  • Content Management System - iProfit creates sites built upon a platform that lets you make text and image updates whenever you want.
  • Rich Functionality - sites are created with advanced capabilities such as professional contact forms, links to social media sites, search, newsletter signup, events calendar, content sharing links, and more.

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Web Analytics

  • Discovery - the science of uncovering hidden clues from deep water analytics platforms to provide the basis for generating hypotheses.
  • Analysis - the art of deciphering meaning from the mosaic of data.
  • Experimentation - the science of testing methodologies combined with the intuition to ask the right questions.
  • Shared Experience - providing actionable recommendations to cultivate a savvier organization.

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